PAST HEROISM AND RECENT CHALLENGES (A Piece of Guerrilla Journalists for North Maluku)

Editor: Redaksi
Dr. Syaiful Bahri Ruray, Member Parliament
North Maluku, like a book that has not yet been written. Nearing August of the Independence Day celebration, I found an old doctor's account of the Chasan Boesoeiri fighter given by his son, Prof. Dr. Taufiq Chasan Boesoeiri, when we invited to Ternate and asked for his family's permission to use the doctor's name as the name of the Ternate public hospital. And also a book called 'Moluccas Mother' suggested by Dr. Zein Pattiiha to me to buy Chasan Boesoeiri apparently noted things that escaped in our official memory the children of the nation, he founded the Muhammadiyah madrasa in the Vedas and formed the Pandu Muhammadiyah. He was a doctor who refused to evacuate when the war was raging, although General Douglas Mac Arthur had sent an American naval patrol boat to pick Sultan Djabir Syah and his family through Togolobe, Hiri.

Such is the case with the notes on Kaicili Paparangan, Sultan Nuku the Jou Barakati. Coinciding on August 7, 2016, the Nuku Guard held a public discussion to revitalize Nuku's struggle in defending the Archipelago in its day from the siege of European nations which was bleeding in an attempt to usurp the hegemony over the Maluku Islands.

The letter 'Nuku's letter, in a polite and wise tone, though not losing its fighting tone, invites me to rethink. Nuku El Mabus Amiruddin, dr. Chasan Boesoeiri, even Aminah Sabtu, a red-and-white heroine from Tidore, was listed as the hoist of the red-and-white saka on the island of Tidore on August 18, 1946, a year a day after Soekarno-Hatta proclaimed this nation on the east pengangsaan road, central jakarta.

Aminah Sabtu was crowned by Tidore's young friends as ‘Fatmawati van Tidore '. These figures have wisdom beyond their time. Even before the arrival of European explorers, Kolano Sida Arif Malamo had held the 'Moti Treaty' in 1322. The Moloku Kie Raha Treaty was formed and lasted for about 25 years. This is actually a very monumental momentum for the archipelago's journey.

Even according to North Maluku intellectual Darsis Huma, stated that his lecturer, Prof. Jimly Asshiddiqie, was amazed because the 'Moti Staten Verbond' far exceeded the 'Declaration of Independence' of the United States and the French Revolution. I was stunned by this statement, and I challenged Tidore's youth at Café Jong, that we did not know that the big figures learned wisdom from which campus.

How Mr. Abdullah Abdullah bin Kadi Abdussalam, along with his loyal students, were willing to fight to maintain the dignity and dignity of the country in front of the arrogant Dutch authorities. This master's path echoes to this day at the end of the African continent.

In a state of stunned legs, his fourth generation grandson, Erfan Rakib, told me that the master teacher, wrote the Koran text and the book 'Makrifatul Islam waI Imam ", and Mr. Guru founded the Madrasa, and this was the first formal school for indigenous Africans.
Nelson Mandela even stated that without this Madrasa, Mr. Tidore, the African nation would never know formal education. I also named Tuan Guru on a nameless road in Sofifi City, right in front of the North Maluku Provincial Parliament building as a never-ending admiration for the role of the scholar who penetrated the archipelago's boundaries.

The trail remains as far away as Sri Lanka and Cape Town.  North Maluku is clearly not just a sheet of history books. It is important for us today to position ourselves and ask what should we do for the al-Muluk peninsula? With the second lowest Human Development Index (HDI) in Indonesia, the provincial government debt which is 'humbug-up' said the Ternate people, Sofifi who has not yet completed the coordination status with Tidore, the status of the six status of Halbar-Halut villages which has not yet been completed, a big question was born. in my mind. What have we done for North Maluku ? While the state is again cutting the state budget so fiercely because the tax amnesty target has not been reached. The country also discusses smokers with a price increase of 300 percent per pack. Even though our cigarette industry has 97 percent of its shares taken over by foreign corporations. The price increase was not a strategy to increase the opinion of 6 million tobacco farmers or Afo clove owners in Marikurubu.

A number of these question sentences, really bothered me. As if me and the current generation are only 'haIibiru' of age because they are not grateful to continue the work of great figures who have done beyond his time. A flashback of Agustusan in my memory, remembers Man Lahabato and Rusli Djalil, two Ternate Post crews, we held a dark meeting while sipping coffee on a dark night to fill reforms by forming a province which from 1957 to 1967 had been conceived but failed to reach its final destination. Did not we, the present generation, have gained the dignity of the previous wise figures ? Shortly after Dr. Chasan Boesoeiri and Salim Fabanyo attended the Malino Conference as North Maluku delegates, dr. Chasan Boesoeiri was asked by North Maluku youths to become the Governor of North Maluku after the dissolution of the State of East Indonesia (NIT) in 1950. But the figure of the 'tawadhu' refused despite repeated pressure. October 27, shortly after a long debate in the discussion forum on the 3rd floor of the North Maluku Regent's office, Ternate Post was circulated with a monumental editorial: 'Towards North Maluku Province.

Now, the Province is 19 years manifested before our eyes. How to answer the guerrilla of young journalists, also students and all levels of North Maluku society at that time. Then we have done what is best as the wisdom of the predecessors ? I keep the notes of Dr. Chasan Boesoeiri while reading my poem 'Letter to Kaicili Paparangan' with shortness of breath, but hopes that Jou Ta'ala will forgive us for our inability to give our best. Hopefully 'barakati' is not only limited to Nuku El Mabus Amiruddin.

Batavia, 24 August 2016

Writer : Dr. Syaiful Bahri Ruray